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5 good reasons to buy used equipment

Quickly available for a flexible response to opportunities

Large choice of models from several major brands

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Reuse of equipment contributes to sustainable development

Limited impact on your cash flow

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Aprolis and RPA - Quality new and used equipment

At Aprolis and RPA, we pride ourselves on over 70 years' experience in the materials handling industry, and specialise in the sale and long-term rental of quality used forklift trucks. We offer our customers a personalised after-sales service to meet their specific needs and ensure maximum satisfaction.

In addition, through our subsidiary Aprolis Finance, we can finance our customers' long-term rental projects, enabling them to benefit from our high-quality equipment without having to invest directly.

We also monitor our used forklift trucks from the moment they are commissioned by our technicians, to ensure their smooth operation and longevity. Our stock includes a wide selection of gas and electric forklift trucks, electric pallet trucks, stackers and much more.

Feel free to browse our online stock or contact us for personalised support and expert advice on handling used forklift trucks.